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Middlesex Icemen Announce partnership with Pope John XXIII

By Middlesex Icemen, 04/27/18, 3:45PM EDT


Middlesex Icemen Team Up with Pope John XXIII for one of a kind Midget experience

Middlesex Icemen Announce partnership with Pope John XXIII. 

Middlesex Icemen Team Up with Pope John XXIII for one of a kind Midget experience.

The Middlesex Icemen are excited to announce the partnership with Pope John XXIII High School. The relationship will combine an elite level of hockey with a high end Prep School education. 


The Icemen Academy, has developed a model that will allow our players to grow on the ice throughout a full season of hockey. They will not just be surviving in the classroom, but rather excelling. We will prepare our players to go on and attend the best academic and athletic colleges and universities in the country. Our philosophies are based around developing a road map for our student-athletes that will best prepare them for the recruiting and admissions processes ahead.


The teachers understand we're not going on vacation, we're working towards something. We're using hockey and school together to get these student-athletes to college, There's a sense of camaraderie. You're playing for your school, while also playing full-season AAA hockey.


The Icemen will compete against some of the best teams in the country, playing in many of the most highly recruited North American showcases. Students will have access to tutors in all subjects as well as 24/7 care in the dormitory.


Icemen Academy plays a full season hockey schedule from September through March while other prep schools only play hockey during their winter term of December through February. The Icemen Academy will play between 55-65 games while other prep schools typically play only 20-25 games. Pope John XXIII’s support of the hockey program allows players to develop on and off the ice while also getting an exceptional education. PJHS provides tutoring and extra help to our players so that they do not fall behind in any of their studies.